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Our Vision and Guiding Principles for Services

The Family Strengthening Coalition, in conjunction with community stakeholders established a unifying vision and guiding principles to guide its decisions and efforts. 



Plumas County support systems are responsive to community needs, collaborate to improve access, and work in partnership with families to improve outcomes.

Guiding Principles

  • Collaborative

    All systems and providers collaborate to improve outcomes for families

  • Responsive

    All systems and providers are responsive to the changing needs of families

  • Accountable

    All systems and providers are accountable to families

  • Respectful

    All systems and providers value families and treat families with dignity and respect

Schedule a Home Visit 

Hello Parents/Caregivers!
What is your goal in having a home visit?
This will help use refer you to the correct services.

Thanks for completing the first step in connecting to resources for your family in Plumas County!

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