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Data, Research, & Evidence Based Practices

The Family Strengthening Coalition is committed to using data and evidence-based decision making to ensure that systems in Plumas County are best positioned to support families with young children.

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The Family Strengthening Coalition utilizes evidence-based research and best practices to inform services and support for families throughout Plumas County. Existing family support services were examined to identify opportunities to expand or improve services for families and young children in Plumas County. Goals and decisions made by the Coalition are grounded in evidence and best practices that support children and families. 

Plumas County Indicators of Health and Well-being

The Family Strengthening Coalition uses relevant data to guide efforts and programming.  Indicators of health and well-being specific to families in Plumas County is available for review.

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Research and articles on issues that support family strengthening efforts is provided to support building the capacity of Coalition organizations.

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Best Practices

The Family Strengthening Coalition has identified numerous evidence-based practices that can be used to support the goals outlined in the Action Plan.

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