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Early Intervention Referral Information 

Families can text or call the First 5 Plumas Family Service Coordinator for assistance with referrals:
Call or Text (530) 334-0679 


Early Childhood Referral Information


Parents/care takers complete the screenings.



Universal Screenings:
All children deserve to have adults who track their milestones and provide activities to help them build skills.

ASQ Online:  First 5 Plumas, Family Service Coordinator, Call or Text Alicia Kerr at (530) 334-0679  will follow-up with families, child care providers, or center staff who submit online screenings.

ASQ-3 screening of domains: communication, gross motor, fine motor, personal social, problem solving

ASQ-3 English:    
ASQ-3 Spanish:
ASQ:SE screening Social Emotional, which is an important measure how a child will interact in their environment.ASQ:SE-2 English:
ASQ:SE-2 Spanish:

If a child is at or below a cut off, First 5 Plumas can provide activities to help support growth in domain areas.

Children 0 to 3 years: Developmental Concerns

Parents Contact:  First 5 Plumas, Family Services Coordinator, Alicia Kerr, Call or Text (530) 334-0679 

A referral to Far Northern Regional Center can be made with the support of the First 5 Plumas, Family Service Coordinator (530) 334-0679 or parents can self-refer. 

Far Northern Regional Center Intake: 
Phone: 530-332-1529  Unattended phoneline - they will not answer the intake line. Far Northern Regional Center should return a call in 72 hours with a call/message, then 42 hours with another call/message, after 10 days there will be a call/message, and then they will drop the case. Calls are often not returned. Please document time and days that you call. Within 15 working days of receiving a request for assistance, regional centers must perform initial intake, including a decision to provide assessment.

Fax: 530-222-8908  Referral Form Must be printed, filled out, and faxed back. If Far Northern mails a packet to the parents, they must return the packets.

How do I apply to the regional center for services? This is a great resource to help parents understand the process.

Children 3 to 5 (or school aged children):

PUSD Referral Form
Email form to

Agencies can ask PUSD for an observation before submitting a referral.

Any children who do not qualify for Far Northern or PUSD services can receive child development services through First 5 Plumas.

First 5 Plumas Home Visiting programs:

Free In-Home Visitation Programs for Expecting Parents or Families with a Child, Ages 0 to 5:​

< >​Family First, Plumas County Public Health Nurses (530) 283-6330
Roundhouse Council - Home Visiting for Native Families (530) 284-6866
First 5 Plumas, Family Service Coordinator, Alicia Kerr, Call or Text (530) 334-0679)   

Literacy Support:​

Imagination Library - Free books for children 0 to 5 years who live in Plumas County.


First 5 Plumas
270 County Hospital Road, Suite 206
Quincy CA 95971

(530) 334-0679

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